Pre Clinical


“The Department of Anatomy is having profoundly experienced equipped and spurred group of resources, who are productively prepared to make an understudy capable by utilizing proof based methods in clinical instruction. Resources additionally spur and guide understudies to do investigate paper introductions, take up projects and distribute research articles in public and worldwide diaries.”

The educational plan is tweaked to guarantee that it is clinically applicable to understudies, so he is all around etched to turn into a skillful clinician before the finish of his course. The Anatomy division additionally ensures that the worth framework is likewise given to every understudy like empathy, regard and being a long lasting student. Mentality, morals and correspondence (AETCOM) modules are utilized to instill moral qualities and polished methodology in their young personalities.

Worth added course connected with Reproductive medication and Enrichment course connected with Radiology office are effectively led for first year understudies each year. We likewise direct occasional gatherings and online classes where understudies can take an interest to acquire information about numerous specialty fields in clinical sciences. Master visitor addresses are additionally led to give understudies a profound comprehension of down to earth information with intuitive meetings. Public mindfulness programs like walkathon, show are additionally led each year by understudies to make social obligations noticeable to normal public.

Offices and framework are condition of-workmanship in the division, including an advanced cooled analyzation corridor with a video web based office and the capacity to concentrate intelligently and viably. Each table in analyzation can be spilled to some other table all the while gaining understudies share the headway with different understudies in a similar clump. Treating is likewise done in the division with different offices to store bodies in ideal conditions.

Understudies are prepared by utilizing exceptionally compelling techniques like involved analyzation, little gathering conversations, case conversations, test meetings notwithstanding the customary educational talks.

Web based educating and learning is completely utilitarian in the Anatomy division utilizing different stages like moodle, google homerooms and quizizz which are likewise used to relegate understudies’ tasks and track their presentation.


Physiology is the investigation of how organ frameworks work in an individual. The clinical students should be prepared in different foundations, which empower them to carry special experiences and specialized ways to deal with study living frameworks from the sub-cell level to the entire living being. The Human Physiology course expands on different subjects learnt in the principal year of Medicine, in particular Anatomy and Biochemistry.

Bio Chemistry

The Department has an exceptional understudy lab that can oblige 75 understudies all at once, a PG research lab for the postgraduates, two showing lobbies that can oblige 75 understudies every one of which one has savvy board office and a workshop cum library room exceptional with course readings and diaries on late advances in Biochemistry and partnered sciences. The Department has qualified, all around experienced and energetic personnel who are resolved to move the understudies in scholastics just as exploration. The Department has an exceptional Clinical Biochemistry lab joined to Madha Medical College Hospital, which gives quality and ideal reports to the different Out and In patients.

Para Clinical


Pathology division has talented faculty members with postgraduate capabilities a significant number of whom are seeking after PhD in Pathology. The personnel are capably helped by a satisfactory number of lab administrators, specialists, administrative and administration staff. The office renders analytic administrations to the tertiary consideration emergency clinic joined to the organization. The demonstrative segments incorporate Histopathology, Cytopathology, Hematopathology, Clinical Pathology, Blood banking and Transfusion Medicine. A normal of more than 250 patient examples is handled each day in our labs. Particular administrations like intraoperative conference for frozen segments and Immunohistochemistry are additionally accessible. An exceptional departmental library with more than 200 books is accessible for the reference of students, postgraduates and personnel.


Pathology division has talented faculty members with postgraduate capabilities a significant number of whom are seeking after PhD in Pathology. The personnel are capably helped by a satisfactory number of lab administrators, specialists, administrative and administration staff. The office renders analytic administrations to the tertiary consideration emergency clinic joined to the organization. The demonstrative segments incorporate Histopathology, Cytopathology, Hematopathology, Clinical Pathology, Blood banking and Transfusion Medicine. A normal of more than 250 patient examples is handled each day in our labs. Particular administrations like intraoperative conference for frozen segments and Immunohistochemistry are additionally accessible. An exceptional departmental library with more than 200 books is accessible for the reference of students, postgraduates and personnel.


“Microbial science is a wide term involving many branches like virology, mycology, parasitology and others. The division gives thorough lab backing to the educating clinic.”

  • The crucial parts of disease control and waste administration are brought to the closer view by this Department. Counteraction, finding and fix are the significant regions that layout the preparation given by this division.
  • This office is liable for testing, educating and research.
  • The course centers around irresistible sicknesses, how they are caused and what should be done to treat them. The division regularly adopts to issue based preparing strategies like pretend and model-production to educate understudies.

Forensic Medicine

The division of Forensic Medicine shows the use of Medical information for the organization of Medical lawful information. The division means to show the overall standards, recognizable proof, investigation, treatment and laws identified with toxins to the understudies. The departmental historical center is exceptional with examples and graphs for educating reason.

Through this investigation, understudies are furnished with an outline of the medico lawful parts of wellbeing sciences, segments of toxicology and morals.

Community Medicine

“The Department of Community Medicine is notable for its worth based schooling and commitment to all layers of the general public. Through educating and preparing, and administration and exploration drives, the Department contributes fundamentally to creating enabled doctors of first contact.”

The branch of Community Medicine is submitted towards working on nature of Teaching and Training in the act of medication comprehensively including promotive, preventive, corrective and rehabilitative parts of sickness. The division is additionally planning different exercises remembered for the National Programs.

  • Wellbeing camps and local area mindfulness programs give an exact comprehension of therapeudic and preventive medication to the understudies.
  • The division is engaged with different local area administration in the space of non-transferable illnesses, maternal and kid wellbeing, geriatric consideration, and bio-clinical waste administration.

Clinical(Broad Specialties)


The Department of Anesthesiology at MMCRI looks forward to providing you with safe and effective anesthesia care of the highest standard and quality.

Our mission is to deliver timely, compassionate and state of art clinical care, to guide the future development of our discipline, to train the next generation of leaders in Anesthesiology, We provide complete anesthesia care to the entire surgical service.

Besides providing anesthesia, the department also runs a pre-operative assessment clinic and 24 hours pain management services that caters to the needs of post-operative patients and patients with chronic pain. We investigate new ideas via clinical research studies to develop a working environment that enhances the clinical and academic strength of our faculty to provide comprehensive anesthesia care and pain services.

General Medicine

The doctors of MMCRI are focused on applying the most recent clinical information and innovation to address the issues of the patients. The division additionally directs local area camps where evaluating for different clinical issues like Diabetes, Hypertension, Bronchial Asthma and so on Inside Medicine or General Medicine is the unique branch and forte of medication that arrangements with the finding and non-careful treatment of infections, and spotlights on the best way to forestall, analyze, and treat sicknesses that influence grown-ups.

  • It remembers preparing for essential patient consideration and is the establishment for fundamental super claims to fame like Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology etc…
  • This office gives the much pursued outpatient and inpatient benefits separated from offering complete help to the escalated care units.
  • The office centers around the technique for miniature educating, where one employee is distributed to a little group of understudies. This takes into consideration more prominent understudy educator connection, and gives an edge in learning. The division likewise draws in various unfamiliar students from abroad.


Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine is a clinical forte to give quick clinical help to patients in dire need during intense sickness, wounds, and mishaps.… Emergency Medicine: Open Access is a companion explored and open access diary pointed specifically at supporting crisis care across the globe.

General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery capacities with the famous workforce being the foundation of the division, we are in prime concentration to serve the different requirements, may it be in the outpatient, inpatient or in the trauma center which is covered every minute of every day.

There is consistently a drive towards self-improvement, and this rationale is gone down through each individual from the division. The careful preparing and abilities created are comparable to the best principles.

Medical procedure is a clinical strength that utilizes usable manual and instrumental strategies to examine as well as treat a neurotic condition like an infection or a physical issue, to assist with working on real capacity or appearance. Pre-employable and post-usable consideration meet up at the Department of General Surgery. The division handles every significant crisis and arranged surgeries including medical procedures identified with the pancreas, the liver and the bile channel. An exceptional feature is the experience that Students Can procure through Operation Theatre systems, wherein they are permitted to notice surgeries in a general media room.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Standard antenatal consideration is presented for pregnant ladies. Centered consideration is given for high-hazard Pregnancies. Cutting edge work rooms are monitored 24×7 by a certified experienced group of specialists, medical caretakers and paramedics, upheld by a group of anesthetists and neonatologist who give 24*7 in-house administrations. Young adult consideration is give in a joint effort with gynecologist. Our blood donation center assumes an exceptionally urgent part in obstetrics crises.

Our administrations for ladies spread from obliging the requirements of young adult young ladies to the older ladies. Our middle offers the most ideal alternatives for gynecology and fruitfulness issues.

Family government assistance administrations are tended to with exceptional spotlight on endocrine and oncological screening. Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBG) are the two careful strengths managing the female regenerative organs. Obstetrics is the careful strength managing the consideration of a lady and her posterity during pregnancy, labor and the puerperium (the brief time frame after birth).

  • The departmental targets are to urge clinical alumni to rehearse the subject of Obstetrics and Gynecology with truthfulness, while sticking to moral standards.
  • The division places accentuation on course educational program as well as on a sympathy that can rethink the specialist patient relationship.
  • Top of the line foundation incorporates an ICU and the presence of a blood donation center guarantees crisis cases are treated on schedule and lives are saved.
  • The offices likewise account for fruitlessness and laparoscopic medical procedures.


The Department is perceived for its work in quiet consideration, training, and examination. Consistently, preparing is given to both clinical and paramedical understudies. Ophthalmology is the part of medication that arrangements with the infections and medical procedure of the visual pathways, including the eye, cerebrum, and regions encompassing the eye, like the lacrimal framework and eyelids. The office handles all crisis cases and elective surgeries.

The staff of Ophthalmology is effectively engaged with creating coordinated ophthalmic consideration, obliging patients through different camps.


To give viable Orthopedic treatment both careful and non-careful to patients by performing exhaustive assessment and assessment of the musculoskeletal framework, including both clinical and radiographic assessments.

Muscular health worried about intense, constant, awful, abuse wounds and different issues of the musculoskeletal framework. The immense universe of Orthopedics investigates the prosperity of joints in the human body, covering diseases and mishaps that can handicap an individual and keep them from living torment free.


The Department of ENT gloats of modern day gear that can be utilized to play out a plenty of medical procedures including miniature ear medical procedures, hearing reclamation medical procedures, skull based medical procedures, and head and neck medical procedures.

Oto-Rhino-Laryngology is the investigation of Ear, Nose and Throat conditions or ENT. It is likewise alluded to as Head and Neck Surgery or Otorhinolaryngology.

Aside from Ear, Nose and Throat medical procedures, the division likewise performs Head, Neck and Skull base medical procedures.


Pediatrics is the part of medication that arrangements with clinical consideration of babies, kids and young people.

  • The office works intimately with nervous system science, physiotherapy, natural chemistry, pathology and microbial science.
  • It has an exceptional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), which is overseen by a Neonatologist and Critical Care Intensivist.


The Department of Psychiatry is taking different to advance positive psychological wellness among individuals. Psychiatry manages the sensitive subject of comprehension, forestalling and treating mental, passionate and social issues.

The Department of Psychiatry embrace essential patient consideration, and take care of the two inpatients just as outpatients.


Radiology is the core of any very much run medical clinic. This is absolutely obvious at Madha Medical College Hospital where we have devoted patient-driven imaging done by a group of dynamic passionate Radiologists.

With patient-driven imaging, what we mean is every understanding’s side effects and clinical conclusion is examined prior to playing out the examination mentioned. The examination is then custom-made by the patient’s protests to give the most ideal result. A decent imaging determination can essentially adjust patient administration, and this is the thing that we at Madha Radiology endeavor to do.

Best in class analytic skill, progressed gear, and Image-directed Interventional methods are accessible at our specialty. Our strength analytic administrations incorporate neurologic, head and neck, cardiovascular, vascular, stomach, musculoskeletal, pediatric, and women’s imaging.

TB & Respiratory Diseases

The respiratory Medicine division deals with a wide range of lung issues like Bronchial Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Pneumonia (and other lung contaminations) Interstitial Lung Diseases, Occupational Lung Diseases, Pleural Diseases, Cancers of the respiratory parcel, wheezing and sleep apnea and critically sick patients.

  • Pulmonologists are extraordinarily prepared in sicknesses and states of the Respiratory System like Asthma, COPD, Tuberculosis, Pneumonia and other convoluted chest diseases.
  • We offer types of assistance like Pleural yearning, Pleural biopsy, Intercostal cylinder seepage and Bronchoscopy strategy.
  • The division is effectively engaged with the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP).

Clinical(Super Specialties)


Cardiothoracic Surgery Department has become completely practical in Madha medical College. At present Cardiothoracic Surgery Department play out all normal Adult and Congenital open heart medical procedures, Thoracic and Aortic Surgeries. We have practical experience in Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Repair, Aortic Root Replacement, Lung and mediastinal medical procedures and Re-perform Cardiac and Thoracic Surgeries. We are completely prepared to lead muddled cardiovascular, vascular and thoracic medical procedures. We have the best in class Post employable Cardiac ICU. We are perceived by TN Government to lead cardiovascular and lung relocate medical procedures.

Cardiothoracic Surgery Department at present is wanting to do investigate on advancements in heart careful methods to lessen post operation mortality and morbidities.

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Clinical Skills

Medical Gastro Enterology

Medical Oncology


Neuro Surgery


Surgical Gastro Enterology

Surgical Oncology

Transfusion Medicine

Vascular Surgery