Madha Medical College & Research Institute

Kovur, Chennai-600128.

Patient Rights

1Right to treat with respect, consideration, compassion and dignity.
2Right to receive appropriate and cost-effective medical care, regardless of your Age, Gender, Race, Nationality, Social Status, Physical or Mental Abilities.
3Right to protect from negligence and physical abuse.
4Right to privacy during examination, procedures and treatment.
5Right to know the identities and roles of health care team members involved in your care and education about the health care needs.
6Right to seek information about medical condition, planned treatment and expected results in a language you can understand.
7Right to informed consent for Surgery / Anesthesia and high risk procedures after getting information on proposed treatment.
8Right to safety and care of acceptable standards.
9Right to know the expected cost of treatment.
10Right to refuse treatment or withdraw from treatment at any point of time.
11Right to know the Hospital Rules and Regulations.
12Right Register a Complaint Suggestion to Medical Superintendent of Mobile No.8148066666.
13Can be represented by a family member eligible to all the above rights, if the patient is not in a position to make decisions.

Patient Responsibilities

1To provide all personal & family history truthful past & present about their health and disease & also about his family history.
2To cooperate with the treating physician in all aspects of treatment.
3Are solely responsible for the outcomes if they refuse treatment.
4To follow instructions and comply with the plan of care.
5To respect the priority given to Emergency codes.
6To accept financial responsibilities for health care services providers and settle the bills promptly.
7To give consent for treatment and for other procedures as recommended by your doctors.
8To treat Doctors & all Hospital Staffs, other Patients and Visitors with courtesy and respect.
9Do not take any medication without the knowledge of your doctor.
10To comply with the Hospital policies and procedures including bills & payments law those on making visitors policy.
11Are responsible for the safety of their valuables and possessions.
12Do not damage the property of Hospital and avoid misuse.
13All types post of Feedback an accepted.